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The Power of Intention



When someone goes about making a meal with love and compassion, somehow, some way, that meal tastes better than if they go about making that meal with a resentful attitude. It is the same with all we do - how we go our goals matters, it helps to create a different outcome.

“We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Our intention wheels help to create clarity in how we go about life + work. This powerful process helps us realize that we are fully responsible for the impact we have in the world. This increases self-responsibility, confidence, clarity, happiness and success on every level and in every area of our life.


Our first Intention wheel was created by Lorin for a 12-person women's workshop in Upstate NY in 2002. Six of those women are still using it today. This is a powerful tool!

The Power of Intention

Our Intention Wheel™

Intento Wheel
Our Intention Wheel™ is at the core of all of the work we do at Change Maker Impact. It takes a holistic approach to your life and work. It helps you (and us) understand your year-long journey - one that YOU create. It also helps us to guide you when you’re stuck. This unique tool provides clarity, it provides focus, it provides inspiration. And hundreds of people use the wheel every year. We have dozens that have been using it for 20+ years! It’s an honor to walk with people on this journey.
Every person that creates an Intention Wheel™ with us receives an intention bracelet. This serves as a structure for you to keep your annual intention present, every day.

Meet The Team

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Lorin Beller

Lorin is the visionary behind Change Maker and the Intention Wheel™. She has been coaching since 2001, CTI certified and launched an earlier version (Big Fish Nation) of Change Maker in 2003 when she realized the power of combining 1:1 coaching with group work. She saw exponential growth for those she was working with. Lorin co-leads the groups with Sherie.


Sherie Hodds

Sherie is a powerful, CTI-certified coach. Clients who work with her transform in ways they never imagined possible - she has raving fans. Sherie co-leads all of the Change Maker Impact groups and works with individuals and teams too! She brings magic, joy and deep insight to every conversation.


Gail Benmosche

Gail has been a part of Change Maker Impact from the beginning. She keeps track of the details. Her focus is the financials, billing, and all that goes with it. Gail has also been a great student of this work.  She works with a coach to keep growing, personally and professionally. Gail has completed the year-long program and participates in retreats each year.  She walks her talk as a
Change Maker.

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