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2022 Annual Intention Wheel Call

When: Friday, December 2nd, 2022

10:00 AM PT - 11:30 AM PT

Cost: $79 Per Person

Where: Via Zoom

Our Intention Wheel is at the core of all we do— it provides clarity, focus, and inspiration. It helps you (and us) understand your year-long journey - one that YOU create.


We're hosting our Annual Intention Wheel call on December 2nd, and we want you to join us! Hundreds of people use the wheel every year, and dozens have been using it for 20+ years! You'll join us on a live Zoom call where we'll discuss intentions for 2023 and create a guide for your year-long journey that YOU create. Everyone who creates an Intention Wheel™ with us will also receive an intention bracelet with their 2023 intention on it, serving as a constant reminder. Sign up today!


Can't attend the live call? No problem! It will be recorded, and the link will be sent out.



Thanks for signing up!

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