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Be a Change Maker and change YOUR world.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Many years ago, when my daughter had a long hospital stay, the experience was super painful for her but also for me as her Mom. I felt helpless, like there was nothing I was able to do to support my daughter who was in the midst of a long and painful misdiagnosis.

I found myself walking across the street from the hospital day after day and eating three meals at the Ronald McDonald House - a place that I had heard about but hadn’t really thought about until that experience. Often, I would walk through the doors holding back tears, hungry, tired, looking for hope, nourishment and rest. I was always able to count on the stranger to greet me at the door. The next stranger to hand me the plate. The next stranger to put the food on my plate. Each one seemed to know that eye contact and a gentle smile greeting me with care made a difference each day, each meal. I am filled with gratitude that that experience is behind us all now. And I am forever grateful for those that volunteered a bit of time each day to serve the meals for us. It was part of what got me through that time. Fast forward to now, four years later - my daughter and I have the honor of being Meals on Wheels volunteers. We pick up a handful of meals and drive to the homes of people who are in need. We have a short but friendly conversation with each of them. They seem to truly appreciate both the food and the conversation.

What I know is that I get as much, if not more, out of this experience as those we serve. It fills my heart to know that we can help someone feel supported, nourished, and cared about by someone - a stranger. It is fun for us to have the same route too because then we get to have a more ongoing experience and relationship with the same people. We complete the job, feeling like we ‘did good’ that day. I feel doubly good for doing it alongside my teenager, who looks forward to the task each month. Being a Change Maker is not about doing big things, it’s about doing small things with big heart for anyone who might benefit from an ear, a shoulder, a meal, a shirt, a few dollars or a few minutes - it’s about the offer coming from love, the intention to support because we can. What I also know (about myself) is when I am taking better care of me, I have more to offer others. And when I support others, I benefit as much as the other person does, if not more.

What are you so moved to offer another today?

And if you are not feeling it, what is it you can do for yourself today?

Be a Change Maker, you’ll feel better!

Lorin Beller

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