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We are all born with a little magic inside – a fire that lights us from within. Our work is to tend the fire, continue to find ways to ignite passions that fuel it, and be careful not to let it rage or dim.

This is the focus of Michelle Obama’s new book, The Light We Carry. One of the quotes from the book is particularly compelling:

“The challenge in leading a big life becomes trying to find ways to protect your dreams and your drive, to remain tough without being overly guarded, to stay nimble and open to growth, allowing others to see you for who you are. It’s about learning how to shelter your flame without hiding its light.”

How can we better understand and tend our own fire?

Understand what fuels your flame

I believe our work is to understand ourselves, to know what lights us up. Self-awareness is such a powerful tool. As Maya Angelou said, “When we know better, we do better.” It’s the key to becoming the best possible version of ourselves, for the benefit of our planet and the people around us.

Be intentional in tending your fire

Understand what keeps you healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically – and create a practice that helps you tend to your fire and the body that contains it.

Ignite passion and purpose

When you understand what fires you up, you can work to create the life and work that supports it – so you can be your most creative, thoughtful and passionate self. When you are lit up from within, you can make good decisions and take healthy actions that keep you on purpose.

Recognize what causes it to rage or dim

What are the things or behaviours that trigger you and cause you to leave yourself – either in anger or fear? Understand what those are and why they are happening, so you can start recognizing them and recover more quickly, and more often, to your healthiest, most authentic self.

Let it light you from the inside out

Shine! Don’t be afraid to let your light beam out into the world. It attracts other bright lights and is an invitation for children, partners, colleagues and friends to be themselves too.

Get your magic into the world

When you are lit up and on purpose, you have work to do. Find what it is that you are meant to do in this world – it doesn’t matter what it is – big or small. Don’t resist it. What matters is that you are offering your gifts in service of others.

You are a bright light, made of star stuff. Let it shine!

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